suprematist composition
FS2060CT04 by Cecil Touchon after Il'ia Chashnik's  The Seventh Dimension: Suprematist Stripe Relief - 1925
The intention of this site is to explore early concepts of suprematist non objective art and to continue these ideas outside of the historical context that they are embedded in. Then to contemplate the future possibilities of the plastic elements of the suprematist style for continued artistic exploration.
Historical Images
There is a significant difference between the activities and goals of a historian as compared to an artist and while artists can benifit greatly from the work of art historians, artists must be careful not to be overly influences by the need of the historian to close the chapter on this or that period or style of art in an effort to neatly catagorize and organize everything into a taxonomic order. The fact is that all modern art styles are continuing to be developed and experimented with even if the originators of these styles are dead or no longer working in the historical framework of the style with which they are identified. Ideas spread and mutate and do not stop convienently to be classified once and for all.

Historical time is not important for artists, we work outside of time in the world of ideas and while it is important from a historical point of view to be clear about what happened when and who influenced who, the preciseness of all of these details is suspended in a floating world of creative possibility. As such, artists are forever free to go forward or backward or sideways or pick of  a discovery from here and fuse it with a discovery from there and not be tied to historical time or work within the historical limitations and logic of the styles they take up and put down.